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                                        • 2 - $500 OPT Gift Cards

                                        • 1 - $500 Woodland Hills Telescope and Camera gift card

                                        • SDAA Merchandise

                                        • 12" x 12" metal print of the Trifid Nebula

                                        • 11" x 14" metal print of the Crescent Nebula

                                        • 4 - VIP passes to the Natural History Museum

                                        • Bob's Knobs Gift Certificate

                                        • 4 - $50 gift cards to Gravity Heights - Gravity Heights was the 2022 Silver medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival and San Diego Magazine Reader's Pick for Best Brewpub, Best Kid Friendly  and Best design.

Auction Items - Keep checking back, we hope to be adding more items soon

  • 16" Flextube 400P SynScan Go-To Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope
  • Celestron Nightscape 10mp Camera
  • Coronado PST Solar Telescope
  • Takahashi 4.5" f/4.5 reflector on EQ mount with Takahashi orthoscopic eyepiece set
  • Celestron SPC8 f/10 SCT on Vixen Super Polaris EQ mount
  • Celestron 8" Evolution Telescope
  • Gerd Neumann Aurora FlatField light panel (D590mm)
  • QHY5III model 178 Guider Camera
  • 10" Meade LXD75 Schmidt Newtonian f/4 - well used but optics in good shape
  • Astro Physics 80mm f 900mm refractor 
  • 11" RASA Telescope
  • Ambient Weather Station
  • CPC 1100 fork mount on heavy duty MItty Wedge, with tripod and more
  • Celestron "Observer's Accessory Kit"
  • Celestron 23mm Luminos eyepiece
  • Telrad finder
  • Orion 8" SkyView Pro telescope
  • Celestron Power Tank

2023 SDAA Banquet Speaker

Explore Moon to Mars: Humanity's Grand Plan

NASA Solar System Ambassador Jessica Rzeszut will present an overview and update on NASA's Mars 2020 mission and the Artemis program, and discuss how we'll use what we're learning to take the next giant leap in our space exploration journey.

Jessica is a lifelong space enthusiast with over a decade of professional marketing and communications experience. Born and raised in the Midwest, she has resided in the San Diego area for many years and now considers it home. Her fascination, appreciation and enthusiasm for space spans education, entertainment, art, literature and fashion, and was ignited when, as a child, she was encouraged to consider the consequences of whether we are alone in the Universe, or not. 

In 2021, Jessica joined the NASA Solar System Ambassador program - a public engagement effort that works with volunteers to communicate the science and excitement of space exploration and discoveries in order to continue the conversation about space exploration with her neighbors and her community.

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